The myth of the messy artist.

There is a myth that artists are gloriously messy. When I am painting, I definitely am. When I am sewing as well. When it comes to my house, my living space, however, I like it tidy.

This doesn’t mean that it is tidy all of the time. Sometimes, depending on how busy or tired I am, it can be a while before it’s messy enough that I can’t stand it any more and spend a day cleaning. I also have a teenage son. Sometimes I think he doesn’t notice the mess around him, even when I point it out. Or maybe it’s just not important to him. Sometimes, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel resentful that he doesn’t pick up after himself more or clean up without being asked. Even with his weekly chores, it can be challenging to get him to do them. It’s just not a priority with him.

Having a clean and tidy living space is a priority with me. When the space is clean, it feels more open, more friendly. I feel that my energy flows more freely, and I feel happier and more open to creating. Having the house clean raises it’s whole energy.

Maybe there are artists who function better in a glorious mess. I guess I am just not one of them. Having a clean space gives my creativity more room to expand. That’s what feels good to me.

Adobe is fun!

I spent over an hour and a half playing with Adobe Fuse and Mixamo this morning. :) It’s a super easy 3D and animation platform. A bit simpler and more limited than Daz3D, but so much fun! I really enjoyed the ease of use and figure-outability. And there is a fabulous art group in the UK that makes costumes for it! And their costumes are exactly what I would want to use. I am so grateful. I should play with more Adobe stuff more often! I created a character for use in my artwork, and just for fun, took her through some animations. It was great! I will definitely be using Adobe Fuse again!


I would like to say I am extremely grateful for the wonderful people that I am able to learn from in the art community worldwide. I am grateful for Sebastian Michaels and all of the wonderful artists who contribute to his courses. I am grateful for Susan Tuttle and Nicki Fitz-Gerald. I am grateful for Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez, who are my answers to learning the business end of being an artist, including the importance of self-care. I am grateful for all of the wonderful people in the online communities associated with these courses and groups, and all of the wonderful artists from around the world that I have connected with through social media. Thank You All.

I am so grateful as well for the tech that allows us to communicate and learn from wherever we are. I feel that I truly am blessed.


 I have been really lucky in finding a fabulous group of artists and mentors. Recently I found another mentor to help me with the business end of being an artist. I am so grateful-it’s just what I needed right now. And it literally just appeared one day.

Sometimes I have a hard time with seeing the forest for the trees. I get so caught up in what I want, that I forget all that I already have. It happens in all areas of my life. I think I am getting better about seeing it, though.

It really comes down to mindset. How I choose to perceive the world around me. It is a choice. It’s easy to forget that. My perceptions really do influence how I feel about what’s happening in the world around me. Which effects everything in my life.